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Currently, I am an Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition at the University of North Georgia, Gainesville. My pedagogy is centered around the social, collaborative, and digital nature of composing within traditional and multimodal texts. One component of my research that is directly tied to my pedagogy is my implementation of Twitter as an element of each of my courses to interrogate publicness, audience, interaction, and circulation of course content that blurs the boundaries of the classroom setting. Additionally, my research interests focus upon the/a/our body with in composition—print, digital, and networked. This area of interest positions the/a/our body as an integral element of composing across media and within each “stage” of the composing process. This allows me to understand and discuss the mind-body connection and performance at the intersection of the (digital) composing body. Due to the nature of my scholarship and our understanding of the/a/our body, I find my conversations to be interdisciplinary and rooted in feminist rhetorical theory.
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