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A Scholar

Current Research

This is my dissertation project--Dancing into the Digital: Embodied Performance and Digital Multimodal Composition. This dissertation positions itself at the intersection between the growing attention to digital multimodal composition and the growing attention to the importance of the body in all types of composing; it addresses not only the value of the body in composing but also how it fits specifically into digital multimodal composition. Through a longitudinal case study, I explore how the body is an integral part of a digital dance performance in order to understand its possibilities within digital multimodal composition. The results suggest a direct impact for our understanding of the mind-body connection through hyperawareness and hyper attention when incorporating the/a/our body into Digital Multimodal Composition. 

Scholars I'm thinking with:  RC--Arola & Wysocki, Fleckenstein, Heath, Delagrange, Fleckenstein, Hansen, Hawhee, Heath, Munster, Selfe, Shapiro; Dance-- Birringer, Floster, Gay, King, Lepecki, Mertz

This research speaks to my interest in pedagogical approaches that draw on students' use of social media platforms as well as the ways in which they interact in these spaces. Using twitter in the classroom invites students to consider the network, cirrculation of information, rhetorical purpose, and audience. The nautre of this research is pedagogical; it is rooted in active participation within the classroom.

Scholars Im thinking with: Haas, Losh & Jenkins, Rose, Shirky, Yancey

Past Research


Validating the Vernacular: Appalachia, Primary Literacies & Voice

This research was rooted in my upbringing in Appalachia. It worked to place value upon the vernacular, especially for Appalachian students entering into the collegiate atmosphere. It focuses on the incorporation of primary literacies into the composition classroom and highlights academic research for students in the realm of their own language--revisiting "Student's Rights to Their Own Language".

Scholars I thought with: Anzaldua, Brandt, Elbow, Freire, hooks, Rose

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