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ENC1101 and ENC1102

ENC1101 and ENC1102 make up the First Year Composition courses set at Florida State University until Summer 2015; we recently developed the course ENC2135, which replaced ENC1102 and extends the composition program into the second year for students. ENC1101 focuses on personal writing, finding voice and exploring academic writing styles while ENC1102 is situated as a research course. I designed the syllabi included here to meet the expectations of our FYC program. FYC is an important component of my teaching that I continually revise as I encounter students, studying composition, and work to include more multimodal aspects in my pedagogy through frameworks such as Shipka's mediated action frame as well as hooks' engaged pedagogy. The ENC101 syllabus was taught during a 6-week summer session while the ENC1102 syllabus was a regular 16-week semester. Please click on the image of the syllabus for the full document. 
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