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ENC3416: Writing Editing in Print and Online (WEPO)


Today, writers don't just inscribe words on paper. Students in this course  compose written, visual, and/or auditory texts, using a variety of technologies. Students create texts (1) for the page (2) the screen, and (3) the network. Each text  also goes through revision in accord with its medium. The course culminates, as I teach it, in a collaborative viral campaign that incorporates a vareity of media to circulate a cause or isssue across networked spaces. Students also conclude the course by creating a digital professional ePortfolio.


Below is one incarnation of this course as I have taught it. The assignments offer a glimpse of the ways in which I choose to scaffold my assignments in order to create cohesion across coursework as well as add to the "so what?" of the work students produce. Please click on the images of the syllabus and weekly plans for the full document and the links for the projects.


ENC3416 Syllabus--Fall '14

ENC3416 Weekly Plans--Fall '14

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