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An Administrator

Administrator Philosophy

A unique aspect of my program at Florida State University is the opportunity to develop my administrative approaches through experience. Participating in these administrative roles introduced me to the different components that go into running spaces, organizing events, scheduling, and communicating effectively with people--students, faculty, other administrators, and visiting scholars. I had the opportunity to take on two different administrative roles during my time at FSU, and even of them have impacted the ways in which I interact with both the field as well as my colleagues.


In addition to holding administrative positions, I also have had opportunities to develop and co-develop workshops for graduate students as well as faculty. Because my pedagogical interests focus upon ways to encourage collaboration, include multimodal (including digital) projects, and explore the ways in which students engage with these things, I have been invited to provide support in these areas within our department; therefore, I have also included a sampling of the professional development work I have done during my time at FSU. This commitment to professional development also stems from my participation in the National Writing Project and the idea of teachers teaching teachers.

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