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ENC1145: Writing About Gossip and Gender

I designed this topics composition course in order to push students to engage critically with technology, theory, and composition. Students read both theoretical and pop culture texts that examine the position of both gossip and gender in society. They assess and challenge stereotypes rooted in gender, race, and class as they re-vision their understanding of what gossip is, how it functions, and who it affects. They engage in both traditional and multimodal modes of composition while we share and make knowledge in a collaborative space. At a glance, this course integrates: blogs, twitter, feminism, queer theory, and discussion. The "live syllabus" is formatted as an interactive website that familiarizes students with the media they will most likely use to compose their electronic portfolio; it is also the current syllabus that is regularly updated and revised to the needs of the students.

Sample Assignments

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